Assorted Links

It is great to be back to the blogging world after a week’s break.  But again, it is really tough to summarise what the bloggers are upto. Here are a few interesting links:

1. Rodrik ( have to begin with his superb blog) says temporary workers make good economic sense. He says he is not as enthusiastic for trade librealization but is all for labor mobility.

2. An excellent write-up on why just focussing on single index for inflation deos not make sense at all.

3. Another thumbs-up from The Economist. It says “If China sharply revalued the yuan, as American politicians are demanding, it could actually hurt the United States and help China.”

4. Superb Speeches by Bernanke on Sub-Prime Market and by Krozner on International Capital Flows

5. Why China changes its interest rates by 27 bps?

6. What are Mutual Funds? It says “The popularity of mutual funds may be relatively new but not their origin which dates back to 18th century. Holland saw the origination of mutual funds in 1774 as investment trusts before spreading to Anglo-Saxon countries in its current form by 1868.”

Thanks to New Economist for 3, Greg Mankiw for 5, and Finance Professor for 6.

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