Assorted Links

1. Both Goldman Sachs and Nasdaqplan to float seperate exchange for private equity/venture capital deals.

“Last year, according to Nasdaq, $162 billion of capital was raised through unregistered private placements compared with $154 billion through IPOs, which are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission…..Under SEC rules, companies can sell securities without registering them as long as issues are limited to qualified institutional buyers and investors with at least $100 million of assets and there are no more than 499 stockholders.”

2. Read about the Norway Pension Fund.

” Norway has amassed a fortune of more than $300 billion over the last decade, thanks to its profits from oil exports. Yet few countries are more ambivalent about their vast wealth than this modest, socially conscious society of less than five million people.

So rather than managing their monstrous nest egg simply for the best returns, the reluctant billionaires of Norway are using the money to advance an ambitious ethical code they established in 2004 for their oil reserve, known as the Government Pension Fund.

Norway’s investment choices have become a focus of attention in the last nine months over the exclusion of Wal-Mart, the American retailer whose big-box stores do not exist in this pristine country.”

3. It is not just that World Bank, IMF are in crisis we have Asian Development Bank joining the race as well.

4. Check out this mapwhich gives a snapshot of how your country fares in terms of business conditions. It is great collaboration between World Bank and Google Earth.

5. Heterodox economists?

Thanks to Finance Professor for 1, Marginal Revolution for 2 & 5.


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