The latest GDP numbers

The latest GDP numbers for India have been released by CSO.

In 2006-07 the economy grew by 9.4% higher than 9.0% seen in 2005-06. The quarter-wise growth rates have been 9.6%, 10.2%, 8.7% and 9.1%.

If we look at sector-wise break-up, sectors in which growth has been higher than seen in 2005-06 are Manufacturing, Transport & Communication.  

I would try and put up a detailed picture later.

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    […] growth beats all expectations Indian GDP grew by 9.4% in 2006-07 (I blogged about it here). To add on to the previous blog, Agriculture grew by 2.7%, Industry by 11% and Services by 11% […]

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    […] for the first time, CSO has released GDP based on expenditure. I had missed this point when I last covered this […]

  3. M.Hari Rangan Says:

    i’m interest in updating myself with economy of our country , kindly do thr needful.

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