Applying academic work in practice

The news is full of unfortunate events in Rajasthan. See some newspaper coverage: Hindu, BBC, Indian Express (an excellent one)

In summary, there is a particular community called Gurjars who were promised by the ruling political party that they would be included as Scheduled Tribe and hence made eligible for reservation, but it did not happen. Hence all this chaos.

What is more perplexing is that another community called Meenas have expressed their views that if above are granted ST status, they would follow-up with more violence. There is a very interesting story in Economic Times on how the latter actually got the ST status.

I can’t comment on the political side of the story but we can certainly pick some cues from the paper done by the deadly combo Rajan & Zingales which I blogged about here.

The paper says there is underdevelopment because of initial factor endowments i.e. interest of certain groups may not be aligned with each other and hence may oppose the reforms.

Whether reservation is a reform or not is questionable but it is considered as a policy measure that aims to bridge the divide between haves and have-nots. It is also open to debate whether reservations have been successful in achieving their purpose or not. However, my idea looks at different aspect completely.

Now just like the paper, we have 3 different constituencies, The government and the 2 communities. The idea is that reservation would give the Gujjars certain rights and help their overall position in the society (certain % of government jobs would be reserved for their community people, same with admissions in schools/colleges, etc).

Now, the Meenas would obviously oppose the move as it would lead to reduction of their reservation quota (hence fewer jobs, lower quotas in schools/colleges etc.)

But why would the government delay the move? After all they promised it. Well, couple of possible reasons:  

  • if govt agrees to them then other communities may also demand for such a reservation
  • the govt would not have any new thing to offer to this community before next elections hence by delaying it they can promise the same in next elections

And then there can be some more reasons for which I have to know the details of polity in Rajasthan.

The next question is why do Gujjars resort to violence for getting their demand met? Well, in India (and in most of the world) that is how most of the demands are met and hence the community follows this well-tested approach.

I hope I am thinking right.

2 Responses to “Applying academic work in practice”

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    Social work is a professional and academic discipline committed to the pursuit of social welfare through consulting for social problems.

  2. select your broker Says:

    The field works towards research and practice to improve the quality of life and to the development of the full potential of each individual, group and community in a society. Social workers draw on the social and behavioural sciences to solve social issues, and also work in policy development, analysis and advocacy

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