Assorted Links

1. Seven off shore funds dedicate USD 10 billion for investing in India’s infrastructure.

2. FIIs investing in India can take a position in Indian Rupee in Dubai. In its website Colin Griffith, Chairman of DGCX, says

“The DGCX Indian Rupee contract will for the first time in history enable individuals and companies to have the opportunity to hedge and trade their Indian Rupee risk on transparent and equal basis that an exchange provides. To date, the only market available to hedge Rupee risk is the non-deliverable forward (“NDF”) inter-bank market but that is not accessible to everyone. However the recent strengthening of the Rupee has necessitated the need for an efficient and easily accessible to all, risk management tool which is exactly what this DGCX contract will provide. As the Indian economy continues to grow at record pace; so will the need for this contract.

Each DGCX Indian rupee contract represents two million Rupees. Prices will be quoted in US Cents per 100 Indian Rupees, with a minimum price fluctuation of 0.000001 US Dollars per Rupee ($2 per contract). At any point in time DGCX will list the current and next two calendar months, plus the next three calendar quarterly months. The contract is here.

3. MIT the latest University to enter Indian equity market. It would be great of we could have the University help us in building our higher education system.  It would be great if we could be taught by the likes of Acemoglu, Blanchard, Temin, Poterba etc teach us once a while.

4. I came across this interestimg story as part of the news story that says Aussies are not just good at playing cricket but have active interest in stock-picking as well:

Adam Gilchrist’s skill isn’t limited to making bowlers cry on the cricket field, he’s quite a player at the stock exchange too. At a launch of an investment competition in aid of arthritis research, Gilchrist outplayed a market-savvy opponent in a contest to see who could pick the stock that would give the best return over a two-hour lunch break. It wasn’t a fluke either for Gilchrist had finished fourth, ahead of several pros, in an investment competition last year. He also revealed that stock talk happens often in the Australian dressing-room, with several players putting their seven-digit salaries to constructive use. Can you picture Andrew Symonds advising Shane Watson about stock options?

2 Responses to “Assorted Links”

  1. Apurv Says:

    Due to my extremely limited knowledge and aptitude in the field of economics, I could understand just the last part in the entire article.. 😀

  2. capstar410 Says:

    For more info about investing in India, i would recommend this report i found a few weeks ago. It has been very valuable to me…


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