Assorted Links

1. Menzie Chinn discusses financial openness around the world. He provides a lucid illustration and also provides links to number of research papers on the subject. He basically discusses hiw own forthcoming paper and even provides his database. Excellent stuff.

2. Looks like a damn good book. Talks about Chicago School and goes beyond stalwarts like Friedman, Coase etc. It discusses about all the others who are seldom mentioned but have contributed immensely to development of this hallowed temple of education. Here is a review as well

3. Morgan Stanley plans to sell bonds backed by revenue made from movies.

4. Indian government proposes to sell Rupee denominated bonds to investors abroad.  As India’s sovereign rating has been upgraded to investment grade, the government wishes to raise resources at cheaper rates. How else it would help? Well, as the article points out it would also help corporates who wish to raise resources abroad have some kind of a benchmark rate.

5. This is perhaps the story of the day. Indian coins find usage in Bangladesh for purposes I couldn’t have imagined. They are being melted and used for making blades and cheap artifacts. So much so, RBI had to mint something like 900 million pieces of fesh coins to stabilise the demand-supply mismatch.

6. A trip down the memory lane. Some great ads. Alyque Padamsee also shares his memories. Some good trivia.

Thanks to Marginal Revolution for 2 & 3


2 Responses to “Assorted Links”

  1. Assorted Links « Mostly Economics Says:

    […] ET Editorial says dollar denominated Govt. Bonds can wait. (I had pointed out to this development earlier). It says the need is more to use our forex reserves prudently. It also says […]

  2. Bangladesh Says:

    That was pretty neatly written. Its such a mess when relating to Bangladesh, isnt it ? Check out what I found out about Bangladesh Government Sites!.

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