Assorted Links

1. Dani Rodrik brings about a bang-on metaphor for globalisation – If you are going to open the window, make sure you keep the mosquitos out. “

2. Greg Mankiw point to a superb article that says growing inequality in America could become a serious issue at the US presidential elections in 2008.

3. RBI acts after getting competition from Dubai

4. T.K. Arun says rather convincingly we need new set of policies.

5. ET Editorial says dollar denominated Govt. Bonds can wait. (I had pointed out to this development earlier). It says the need is more to use our forex reserves prudently. It also says corporates don’t really need the benchmark G-Sec rates for pricing their foreign debt as they have been borrowing anyways.

6. BS Edit says for development of Indian infrastructure Finance is not a constraint and the problem is more to do with sectoral policies. I had mentioned about the same earlier as well. The policies have to be such that finance flows to fund the infrastructure projects.


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