Assorted Links

1. List of Cognitive Biases. Useful to understand behavioural aspects in decision making. They form the basis for Behaviour Economics/Finance.

2. Rajrishi Singhal in ET, offers Contract Farming as a more viable solution.

3. Andy Mukherjee offers a politically unacceptable solution for Mumbai.

4. A nice interview of Dr. Rangarajan in BS. But I don’t really quite agree to this:

Do you believe a trade off exists between inflation and growth?
This is a false dichotomy. In my view, over the medium term there is no conflict between lower inflation and higher economic growth. In fact, higher economic growth can be sustained only in an atmosphere of reasonable price stability. Price stability is required for promotion of savings and investment. Sometimes there could be a conflict in the short run. But, that should not be utilised as an excuse for letting inflation go out of hand.

All he is saying is there is indeed a trade-off. Well, you need to maintain price stability to have sustained growth. The moment inflation hurts, growth also falls.

5. T Thomas says India needs elite universities. I think he is way off the mark. India already has its share of elite universities and needs to improve the levels at other colleges and universities. On comparing India with UK is like comparing apples with oranges. We have a huge population and need places where people can get right education, not elitist education.  And why build more? Improve on the existing ones first.

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