Assorted Links

1. Lots of reference material is provided by New Economist on the fall-outs of globalisation. The main concern is that inequality has increased.

2. Lawrence Summers says inequality is rising. Thnaks to Greg Mankiw for the pointer.

3. Wall Street likes Bernanke but Washington doesn’t. Thanks to WSJ Blog for the pointer.

4, WSJ Blog also has an excellent post on revival of Austrian School of Economic Thought. I liked this para:

In the 1930s adherents of the “Austrian school,” named for its Austrian-born proponents Ludwig von Mises, Joseph Schumpeter and Friedrich Hayek, argued the Great Depression represented the unavoidable remediation of misallocated credit and overinvestment in the 1920s. The Austrian school largely failed to become orthodoxy as first Keynesian demand management appeared to end the Depression and later monetarism blamed the Depression on inadequate attention to the money supply.

5. Private Equity boom ending.

6. Finance Professor has some superb links from various sources on a new report (press release) by Senate on Amaranth downfall.  The full report is here. Should be a good read.

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