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Assorted Links

June 28, 2007

1. WSJ Blog asks how often should we revise GDP Estimates?

2. I had read about impossible trinity. Dani Rodrik has a new impossible trinity of world economy. He says democracy, national sovereignty and global economic integration are mutually incompatible. Where does he get these thoughts from?

3. Finance Professor points to a nice article on hedge funds run by Bear Stearns.   

4. Apurv has an excellent post on Internet speed enjoyed by locals in their countries. He says 256 kbps is a decent speed which most of us use in India but in Japan the median download speed is hold your breath….61 mbps….USA average is 1.97 mbps…. 

5. Good Blogs on Liberia. By two Harvard students who are doiong their internships in Liberia Here and Here . Thanks to Rodrik for the pointer.

6. World Bank PSD Blog points to a super article written by Easterly criticising Sachs’ “Aid is Good” model of development.

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