Assorted Links

1. Dani Rodrik asks what kind of an economist are you? Take the test. I was always ‘type B’ till I started reading development literature which has confused me and all the things I thought led to growth and development may not really be true when applied in practice.

Taking the test, I would have been ‘type B’ given the first set of information, would have been sceptical between A and B given the second set of information and ‘type A’ given the third and final set of information. Why would a country growing at 4% per annum in per capita for the last 4 decades need to subsidize foreign investments?

2. Finance Professor has a nice pointer to the article titled Alpha Hunters’ war with ‘Beta Builders. It is review of the latest book by Peter Bernstein. It is a super read.

3. A new report on Europe aging.

4. ET has 2 nice edits. One from SS Aiyar reviewing the changes in SE Asian economies after crisis. And two from Tarun Kataria on liquidity.

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