Assorted Links

1. Economists have been wondering for quite some time why US unemployment data is so strong (i.e. employment is still high) despite some data showing signs of cooling off. A nice summary is given at Econbrowser.

Now, WSJ Blog points out to a new report from Deutsche Bank economists which says that large number of illegal Hispanic workers (500,000!) have been laid off and they are not included in the unemployment data. If they are then unemployment rate would be around 5% higher than 4.5%. ( I can’t find the report though)

2. Ben Bernanke has given a speech on Inflation yesterday at NBER. Would try and summarise the speech later.   

3. ET reports that corporates would now show how many reserved category (SC/ST) employees it has on payroll. Is this inclusion?

4. Finally we have an official index to track housing prices. It is developed by National Housing Bank and is called NHB Residex.  This is a welcome development. However, it is not yet available at the NHB website.

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  1. Is Mumbai more costly or Delhi? Analysing residential housing prices « Mostly Economics Says:

    […] Mumbai more costly or Delhi? Analysing residential housing prices By Amol Agrawal I had posted a while back on launch of India’s official Index  that helps track prices in residential housing […]

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