Assorted Links

1. IFC Blog points out that there is a company in Brazil that provides carwash without any water. It uses indigeneous wax. Wow! That is some innovation. The company getting some good offers from countries worldwise for co-operation. Here is a list of some innovative products being developed in emerging markets.

2. The latest Economic Advisory Council Report is out. It says India is slated to grow at 9% for 2007-08 (higher than RBI estimates of 8-8.5%). It has given measures to control rupee appreciation and is critical of India’s public finances. The Newspaper summaries: ET, BS, FE.

As usual we do not have the report on EAC’s website till now. So I can’t post my review. The review for previous year’s is available here.

3. Rajrishi Singhal in ET, explains the rationale for sudden rush of setting holding companies by Indian corporates.

4. Ravi Sardana has written an article in ET on the importance of having the right name. It is funny.

5. ET analyses Deepak Parekh Committee report (on Infrastructure Financing) which says India’s Fin System could derail infra spending. Why? We¬†don’t have basic instruments like debt markets which could intermediate savings to infrastructure sector. So, this means we would need foreign savings…again we would have to balance currency appreication with capital inflows. Why haven’t they put the report in public yet?

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