RBI’s novel way to impart financial education

RBI has taken some initiatives to impart financial education to common man. It has floated a website which I had mentioned here.

Now, within the website it has put a comic strip which goes by the title ‘Raju and the Money Tree’. The website says it is fro school kids but the comic is worth reading for everybody. It is also available in Hindi. It is very simple and full of humour and valuable insights. Great stuff from RBI.

Financial literacy is a primary concern for Indian policymakers. India’s Finance Minister raised his concern for the same here.

Update: RBI plans to distribute CDs and use FM radio to spread financial literacy.

3 Responses to “RBI’s novel way to impart financial education”

  1. Rajesh Says:

    I have also read the comics. It is really a wonderful piece of creativity with an imaginative storyline and wonderfull sketching. It is really amazing that a government agency has come out with such a professionally done work. We hope other governement regulatory agencies will take a cue from it.

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