Assorted Links

1. Ajay Shah hopes RBI does something about its messy monetary policy. Rajeev Malik has some prescriptions for RBI.

2. MR has a posting on one of the next generation economists – E. Glen Weyl

3. WSJ Blog points out that US GDP has been revised downwards for the previous 3 years. The latest GDP numbers show Savings rate in US have increased.

4. Rodrik points out to an article which explains growth and development by monkeys, trees and jungle. Funny and quite a thought.

5. Arvind Panagriya has a nice article in ET. He says unlike the general view, agriculture is not as important to India’s growth as it is made out to be. Well, the problem is not growth in agriculture, but to move people out of agriculture into services and industry. He has given a good solution to this problem which I have discussed here. He does mention the solution in the article albeit briefly. 

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