Assorted Links

1. WSJ Blog points out to earnings of Economists. They are pretty good I must say.

2. Greg Mankiw points out to the top 3 economics concepts. I agree completely. Didn’t realise it could be so simple….

3. Dani Rodrik points out to 5 lies economists tell everybody. Funny this. Rodrik also says Larry Summers isn’t exactly right.

4. Shyam Ponappa in BS says India should initiate disinflation while going is good. He starts well, but there is some confusion in the middle as he discusses too many ideas. In the end it is a muddle.

5. Arvind Singhal raises concerns over huge salaries being paid. He offers a career advice:

Finally, a tip to those who can still make some career choices or are capable of reinventing themselves mid-way in their professional lives: bet on healthcare especially the management of the delivery side. The frenzy currently being seen in the retail sector will be nothing comparable to one that will be seen in the healthcare sector within next five years!


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