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Is this Cricket?

August 3, 2007

Already lots has been said about the jelly beans incident. It is nice to see good competitive cricket but not this silly stuff. English may be cool about the entire episode but it isn’t cricket.

 This recent English spirit is credited to Peter Moores, their coach. I just came across what he has to sayon the entire episode in Cricinfo:

“There must be some things that are left on the field to be fair to the players,” Moores said in response to criticism of England’s incessent chatter during the Trent Bridge Test. “They should be allowed to go out there and play the game without being worried that everything they actually say is going to be broadcast. It’s something we’ve discussed as a management team and we’ve spoken to the match referee about it.”

Really? Mr. Moores needs to get his basics right. Is he encouraging cricket or sledging? Worse of all, read what he has to say for Matt Prior, the wicketkeeper and the loudest of them all:

“That’s how he usually operates, that’s what he does and that’s what he was selected for,” he said.

So, Matt Prior has been picked to sledge and not wicketkeeping.

Assorted Links

August 3, 2007

1. WSJ Blog points out to an interesting fact:

Chinese officials were trying the candid-confessional approach today, when they declared more than 99% of the country’s exports were safe for use. So, by that logic, just how much from China’s vast workshop is dangerous? ….About $9 billion of goods, based on 1% of China’s 2006 exports of $969 billion.

People would say big deal. Big deal it is:

Just a 1% rate of defective or unsafe products, represents about 13% of sales of the world’s largest consumer products company: Procter & Gamble. It represents more than the total worldwide output of Avon Products Inc., which last year sold $8.7 billion of products.

2. New Economist points out to the lates issue of Statesman which has some pieces on India story.

3. Shishir Prasad in ET has an interesting article on how PE firms team up with Banks for easy returns.

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