Assorted Links

1.Nouriel Roubini in his excellent blog, raises concerns overt the current crisis.  He says this crisis is worse than the LTCM crisis in 1998.

2. WSJ Blog has a primer on how Fed injects liquidity. Econbrowser has an excellent explanation as well.

3. Read Central Bank’s response to liquidity crisis.

4. Read the new war of words amongst blogging economists.

5. PSD Blog points out to comics from World Bank addressing global issues.  I read one, not as good as the one by RBI to improve Financial Literacy.

6. Ajay Shah points out to interesting posts on Indian education system.

7. ET has a nice interview of R.H. Patil, in which he says there is no will to reform corporate debt market in India. He expresses his strong views on many current topics- rupee appreciation , MIFC etc.

8. ET reports SEBI supports dedicated selling channel for MFs. 

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