Assorted Links

1. Fed’s recent move of hiking the discount rate has invited a lot of debate. Based on various ideas, WSJ Blog points out that they can be divided into 4 groups. I belong to “The Realist” group. Which one are you into?

2. Rodrik points out to a new paper by Acemoglu et al. To know more about Acemoglu read his profile here. This new paper would amuse Avinash Dixit all the more or perhaps irritate him.

3. Ashima Goyal in ET says we are understimating investment and growth rates in India. The article provides a lot of food for thought. But it could have  been simpler.

4. In these volatile times what are India’s Mutual Fund mangers upto? ET says most are using their time to read books. I think they should also spend some time in making the MF industry a better place. There are many issues which need to be discussed: number of me-too schemes within the same fund house, high costs, low retail money etc.

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