Assorted Links

1. Ajay Shah points to two articles on algorithmic trading. He also has a post on the recent SEBI move to do away with entry load. You might also like to see my post on the same. I have updated it.  

2. WSJ Blog has an excellent series of articles from top economsts – Larry Summers, Shiller, Jeff Sachs. Read all of them.

3. WSJ blog points to a paper which says US is crucial to world growth but not as much as we think it to be. Let me read the paper. IMF said more or less the same thing in its Outlook which I covered here.

4. Rodrik points to two papers on leadership in economics. I always believe leaders have a big role to play in development of nations.

5. PSD Blog points to a bang-on article from Arvind Subramanian:

“When celebrities such as Angelina Jolie or Bono highlight human tragedy to show that something can be done to alleviate it, the heart melts and the purse strings loosen. But the stars, alas, aren’t up on the economic literature. Research is increasingly questioning the benefits of foreign aid.”

6. PSD Blog also points to an Indian reality…growth is high but so is corruption.


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