Assorted Links

1. Greg Mankiw narrates this interesting story- The Magic Number 49.

2. The debate has always been there – Whether aid works or not? It has recently hotted up after this Arvind Subramanian article which says Aid has not been effective. Rodrik comments saying it is not whether aid works or not. What matters is how you can make it more effective. There are numerous instances of aid working and not working. So make it work.

3. ET has some good articles today-
a) Prithvi Haldea says we should not allow firms to list abroad. We should first develop our own capital markets by letting companies intermediate doemstic household savings via the market route and then go abroad. He says we may be talking of developed financial markets in India but reality is opposite. This article should raise some debate in India.
b) SS Aiyar shares his views on inequality.
c) Madan Sabnavis has an interesting article on huge credit growth in India.

4. BS has a nice debate on the hot topic- Should credit raters be rated? Any crisis, credit rating agencies are held at fault. Hightime something is done about them.

5. As we debate on the efficacy of entry load charged by Mutual Funds, MFs are tinkering with their exit loads.

6. WSJ Blog points comparison of sub-prime crisis to 1907. crisis. WSJ Blog points to this interesting development Sub-Prime crisis hits high-cost real estate markets.

2 Responses to “Assorted Links”

  1. Praveer Says:

    I am not sure if rating the raters is a solution, though indeed poor ratings by CRA’s are a problem…

    I feel we should not look for certainities at least in credit or perhaps in finance. If we believe in uncertainities then we should never hesitate to visualise a tail event (If you still believe in the assumptions of normailty and Central Limit Theorem). It is difficult for me to visualize a good solution from my limited knowledge…but no way we should consider the rating given by any CRA as sacrosanct. Even if we rate the CRA’s then also the most highly rated CRA will give a very bad rating every once in a while just like the most highly rated obligor may default every once in a while…

  2. Inequality in Asia « Mostly Economics Says:

    […] Mostly Economics Mostly on research work in Economics and Financial System with focus on India « Assorted Links […]

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