Assorted Links

1. Ajay Shah has done an excellent analysis of the Fed rate cut and its impact. He also points to some good analysis on Maharashtra lagging behind.

2. Rodrik starteda discussion asking the readers which economists they wanted to blog. His listshowed most wanted Stiglitz and Acemoglu to blog. Tyler Cowen also asks the same question. Well we don’t have his list as of now.

3. WSJ has some more on Greenspan.

4. Mankiw on Helicopter Ben.

5. Rodrik points to a paper on trade. Looks quite a food for thought.

6. An excellent FAQ on money creation from James Hamilton in Econbrowser. Phew what a blog this.

7. ET points it is now the turn of EAC to study the impact of sub-prime on Indian economy. I don’t know why we wake up so late. All along, our policymakers have followed what Fed has to say. Earlier Fed felt it was ok, hence no action. Now as Fed reduced rates, we decide to do a report.

8. ET debates do we need an exchange for SMEs? Yes we do.

9. Now, I think MIFC report makes sense.


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