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Indian Corporate Bond Market being neglected

October 4, 2007

I have written a bit on this topic and keep mentioning about the inactivity in this market segment (for instance here).

EPW has a nice paper on the same issues. This paper is slightly different as apart from usual corporate bond issues, it discusses recent developments in bond market and money markets  as well.

A nice update

Assorted Links

October 4, 2007

1. TTR says if US Banks access to India’s markets, then they should allow Indian banks in US as well.

2. WSJ Blog points out that Fed Governors might have too much work at hand in near future.

3. New Economist pointsto a new book from Acemoglu ( I have a profile on him here). I don’t know why is he surprised as Acemoglu is one of the most prolific and terrific economists around.

4. MR points to Bill Gates in History.

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