Assorted Links

I am back to work after a long break and hope blogging would be more regular now. Let me begin with putting some useful links/readings together of other bloggers.

1. Ajay Shah hasput together number of articles on India’s mon pol and capital controls. He pointsto an interesting analysis of India’s government bond market. The analysis is good but it just points to one side of the story. I think NDS system has improved transparency in the market by a great deal.

There is an interesting articleby Ila Patnaik on IIP data in India.

2. JR Varma has a nice take on Northern Rock episode.

3. TTR on service quality in London ( I am surprised by this), points to an interesting article by Taleb who takes a swipe at risk management techniques.

4. MR on sovereign wealth funds, pointsto a paper on subprime crisis

5. WSJ Blog points to an interview with Bill Poole, points to 31 Oct being an exciting day for Economists, points to economists reaction to Chinese economy growing by 11.5% in Q3.

6. Mankiw points to correlation vs causation, points to an excellent graph showing taxes as a % of GDp in different countries.

7. Rodrik on football on globalisation.

8. Fin Prof asks do finance profs practice what they preach?

9. Fin Rounds points to alumni networks matter More so in wall street firms.

10. EPSA Blog on reality of Indian primary education.

11. James Hamilton on why oil prices are rising? He also has a post on whether rising oil prices would lead to a recession or not?

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