Assorted Links

1. WSJ Blog points that most economists expect a 25 rate cut in Fed meeting on 31 Oct. All its assorted links for the day are quite good.

Gary Becker has been awardedthe Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilan award in US. Well, he has won Clark Medal and Nobel as well.

2.  Rodrik has Ricardo Hausmann as a guest blogger. Hausmann points to increasing share of women in workforce in quite a few countries.

3. ET(India’s leading business newspaper) has an irritating headline today (30 Oct, 2007, Mumbai edition) which says:

 The first 10,00 took over 20 years. The next came in just 20 months. At $ 1.58 trillion m-cap, India’s No. 9 in the world. Superpower 2020?

Superpower on the basis of rise in the stock market ? Give me a break! I don’t know/understand why/how such learned people in media write such misleading headlines.

Anyways, ET has a nice debate on capital inflows and SEBI move on the PN route. MK Venu feels SEBI did the right thing by putting restrictions via PN route.

4. BS has a nice interviewof ICICI chief KV Kamath. I wonder which research/analysis he is referring to when he says this:

When the economy is growing nearly 10 per cent, the financial services industry has to grow by 30 per cent.

5. 2 new blogs –  first by IMF research director Simon Johnson, two, the Repec Blog.

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