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Aussies are a tough lot

November 15, 2007

It has often been said a tour down under (referring to Australia) is the toughest thing for cricketers. It doesn’t just exhaust them physically (really long boundaries; Sunil Gavaskar once quipped no cricketer liked getting out first ball at Adelaide Oval not just for cricketing reasons but also because the walk back was around 91 metres! and when you add 91 metres walk it is a terrible feeling) , but mentally as well (rude press, non-stop comments from Aussie cricketers etc)

Richard Fisher (of Dallas Fed ) in his recent speech before Australian audience tracks his Aussie origins and then talks about the US economy and mon policy. He also mentions that Aussies are a tough lot:

Although he led a rough life here, my father taught us to be proud of our Aussie heritage. He said he was just an example of the tenacity of Australians. “They are the best brawlers and fighters in the world,” he would say.

Apart from  fighting they love something else as well; for details read the entire speech 🙂

It is a nice speech where he also mentions that concerns remain on inflation front and talks about various inflation measures. He makes a case for Dallas Fed promoted trimmed measure of inflation.

But obviously, the highlight of the speech is the way he explains his Aussie lineage and family history. A nice break from usual economics based speeches.

RBI’s efforts for financial education

November 15, 2007

I had posted about RBI’s initiative earlier. Yesterday on Children’s day RBI launched a new website for the kids. The earlier website focused on common man has more or less similar contents but the new one has more children friendly colours.

Earlier RBI had released a comic strip titled “Raju and Money Tree” which explained Basics of Banking. This time they have released another comic titled “Money Kumar & Monetary Policy“. Both are excellent and very neatly explain all that is required.

Congratulations to RBI for its steps to improve financial education in the country.

Assorted Links

November 15, 2007

1. Fed made some major changes in its monetary policy yesterday; mainly that Fed would now be publishing its monetary policy forecasts four times in an year compared to two previously. WSJ Blog points to the highlights and some reactions.

2.New Economist explains the latest Bank of England inflation report.

3. Mahalonobis pointsto an excellent picture that shows the writedowns of subprime mortgage loans, leveraged loan commitments since September.

4. PSD Blog points to a story of Pradip Kumar Sarmah who has helped eight million rickshaw pullers buy their own vehicles.

6. Ajay Shah points out how India manages to be make scientific progress without having decent Universities.

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