Assorted Links

1. TTR on Private equity disclosures

2. Ajay Shah points that Outlook Money has given Dr. RH Patil (NSE founder) hall of fame award. Some might not agree as the mandate given to RH Patil was to develop NSE as a corporate bond market and not equity.

3. MR asks whether Banks need to be regulated more. Also read the China and Zimbabwe story.

Zimbabwe’s chief statistician says he cannot work out the rate of inflation because of the lack of goods in shops.

4. WSJ Blog summarisesthe Beige Book released y’day (most regions are slowing down)

5. Mahalonobis points to OECD quiz.

6. PSD Blog points to a new study on tax systems in the world.

7. JR Varma points to an interesting piece – UK govt. lost personal data of 25 million people! He adds a scary thought as well.

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