Assorted Links

1. WSJ Blog pointsto another recession story. This time it looks at the way we calculate GDP. It says a slowdown looks likely if we look at GDP based on Income (GDI). GDI comes with a lag and there are differences if we look at GDP based on expenditure and income. GDP says things looks fine but GDI says it is slowing down.

The differences between the two are quite big even in US. I had posted a similar story about India sometime back

2. WSJ Blog points to Roubini’s pessimistic outlook on US equity markets.

3. Fin Prof on Private Placements

4. ESAP Blog is a refresher. It has brought many ideas which make you think. The latest post says why health ministries continue to focus on health issues despite the fact that good health is linked to many other variables

5. Econbrowser updateswhether Euro is rising as a forex reserve

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