Assorted Links

1. Fed and other Central Banks have announced new measures to address liquidity problems. WSJ Blog as usual helps us understand the new measures.

It points to the Economists’ reactions to the steps.
MR points to some comments.
Econbrowser also has some superb analysis

2. This is really funny. MR pointsto this story where a fake municipal corporation office was set up outside Jhansi (a city in Uttar Pradesh). It collected taxes etc and did the usual work like street sweeping etc. The fake office was discovered only when the employees complained about salary issues to the actual office !!!

3. New Economist points to 2 must-read papers- one, on why forex activity has been rising and two, on monetary policy

4. Mankiw explains how left and right leaning economists differ.

5. Most Blogs are talking about this Greenspan article on sub-prime crisis

6. Rodrik on how his policies differ from Joe Stigilitz

7. PSD Blog points to a paper on Indian IPOs

8. Econbrowser analyses the stock market’s reaction to Fed rate cut decision on 11 Dec. It beats me as well.

9. Ajay Shah points to a really funny article on outsourcing

10. Shyamal Majumdar explains the importance of learning business etiquettes of the country you  are visitng. It is quite funny as well.

11. Nirmal Mohanty has some suggestions for infrastructure financing.

12. Shankar Acharya explains findings of three papers presented in 2 conferences held in Delhi. In winters, Delhi becomes a conference hub.

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