Assorted Links

1. So who would be the CEO who would be ousted next? MR helps. This is the website where bets are taking place.

2. MR pointsthat NBER charges $5 per download. I think it should be made free.

3. WSJ Blog points to Greenspan interview and Tim Geithner speech

4. New Economist points to a new paper on whether economic sanctions work or not.

5. Greg Mankiw points to effective tax rate in US.

6. EPSA Blog defends World bank.

7. Ajit Balakrishnan on the research dilemma at IIMs. I think the problem is huge. Apart from the suggestions he gives, IIMs need to put all their research together at one place and allow free download. Then, it should possibly also ask newspapers to cover their research in an informative manner (not like the way newspapers cover celebrate placements at IIMs)

8. AV Rajwade says: It seems market fundamentalists want freedom only so long as markets are favourable. I agree completely.

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