A must read case study for all finance students

I had posted about an article by Dean Foster a while ago where he talks about regulating hedge funds.  On seeing his website I came across this gem of a paper which is actually an experiment all finance students should undergo.

It is titled “Being Warren Buffet” and is based on the dice game most students take in a finance course. The paper explains the importance of variance while looking at returns (which is often forgotten by most).

I can go on and explain the paper but that would take huge time. It is better if people simply download the paper and read it.


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  1. Can we limit hedge fund managers’ salaries? « Mostly Economics Says:

    […]  I came across this excellent paper from Dean Foster and Peyton Young . Foster is a Statistics prof from Wharton and has taken a lot of interest in finance especially to show that it is not skill but good luck that leads to huge returns. I have pointed out to his superb paper on the same here […]

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