Growth and Development- what have we learnt?

This Blog started with pointing to the evidence on growth and development and since then I have tried to cover a wide variety of issues.

I came across 2 pieces on growth and development. One is the transcript of reviewof Dani Rodrik’s latest book and second is a superb piece from Charles Kenny.

Dani Rodrik provides some ideas on how we have moved towards understanding what drives growth. He is quite critical of the way development agenda was handled initially and without understanding the context policies, suggestions etc were given.

Charles Kenny says we haven’t learnt anything in the last 60 years and much of the literature is the same as it was in 1960s 🙂 Reminds me of Avinash Dixit.

One Response to “Growth and Development- what have we learnt?”

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    […] whenever I read on development economics, this and this comes to my […]

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