Will Cricket India ever learn?

The weekend was bitterly disappointing. The first test match against the Australia in a much-hyped series ended in 4 days with a thumping victory for the hosts.

It was so sick to see the famed batting line up fold up yet again to an attack which didn’t have the usual tormentors – Mcgrath, Gillespie, etc. The bowling line up just had one experienced campaigner- Brett Lee. He usually bowls 150 km/h plus, but he also bowled pretty slow and still was very effective.

Usually Indian team complains on foreign tours are- weather conditions and pitch. This time they couldn’t as both the wicket (very low and slow) and weather (hot and humid – touching 50 degrees) was just what we see in India. I agree if the wicket was supporting swing etc but it was so much like playing in India.

Another is the experience bit. Why take people who have so much experience and have played earlier in Australia as well? It was as good as seeing a local side. No one was ready to stick it out. What is the point of having such stalwarts in the team if they make the same mistake over and over again? They should have atleast tried to better the first innings debacle. But no, they only did worse.

The batting was so slow that it would have put a sloth to shame. They can’t play pace, swing and now it seems spin as well. One should have seen them play Brad Hogg. Well, less said the better. They were playing as if some terror has broken loose. There was nothing in the wicket at all. The Aussie bowlers simply bowled an off stump line and we kept obliging.

Most would say it was just one test match and not much should be drawn from one loss. I don’t agree. It was too humiliating the way we batted. To loose by 337 runs in ideal conditions is just not done.  It is not a one day match where things are beyond your control. It is a 5 day test match where you can rectify your mistakes. But no, we just never learn.

No one barring Ganguly was ready to fight it out. I hate to say this- to see Sachin falling to Brett Lee in second innings was like seeing a debutant fall to an experienced campaigner. I mean most know if a bowler sets the fielding to encourage you to hook and bowls few shortpitch to begin with, the next ball is more likely to be a yorker or a simple outside the off stump ball. But Sachin obliged by slashing the ball and giving a catch to the wicketkeeper. He is in good form and should make Aussies pay.

Most were expecting this is the best chance India has to try and beat Australia. I am sure most must be eating their words.

Some were even doubting that our bowling wouldn’t be able to get out Australia twice in the test match, which is a necessary condition for winning a test match. So the best way was to bat out the Aussies. But I think the opposite happened- bowlers were the only saving grace in the match.

I don’t know whenever we expect something from Indian cricket team they disappoint the most. No one expected them to do wonders in the WC 2003 but they reached finals; in WC 2007 when all did, they went out in round one. Similarly the previous Australian series in 2003-04, they came out against all odds and almost one the series. And the twenty-20 triumph was least expected.

Even if the Indian team wins all the matches now (don’t take that seriously as 4-0 looks highly likely), this loss is another big big failure for the batting line-up to deliver when it matters. Highly disappointing.


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