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Municipal Finance in India

January 15, 2008

I had posted some days ago on Finance Ministry’s Working paper series.

RBI apart from its usual research which it publishes in its various research reports (monthly bulletins, occasional papers etc) has something called Develeopment Research Group. In this it undertakes research with a focus on policies.

It has just released a report on Municipal Finances in India. This is going to be a good primer on a subject which is not very well understood in India.  The role of municipal bodies is critical in development of the urban locations they are in charge of. The press release summarises the main findings of the report.

Assorted Links

January 15, 2008

1. WSJ Blog points that Bernanke or Kohn  would address markets once between policy meetings


2. Rodrik points to difference between India and China 🙂

Arvind Subramanian is a guest blogger on his blog.


3. Ajay Shah points to an interesting story on pension assets in Indian securities markets 

4. PSD Blog points to an interview by Mohd. Yunus

5. JRV on credit rating agencies

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