Review of Indian economy 2007-08

Economic Advisory Council has released its review of Indian Economy (2007-08) . Its outlook for the year (2007-08) is here.

The review is the latest report on Indian economy. Most newspapers have covered the review: ET, BS, BL, Mint

I haven’t read the report and I will post if I  find anything interesting.

Update: My disappointment with EAC continues. The report is routeine suff and there is hardly any great analysis one could look at. Like it talks about decoupling/recoupling theory indirectly, it could have done some analysis how much would the impact likely to be. I know future of subprime itself is not clear but some models could have been extrapolated.

Similarly, it says exporters who have been competitive have been able to fight the rupee appreciation. It would have been helpful to know how much rupee appreciation has impacted etc.

Then it talks about inflation and possible rise if oil prices are revised upwards but doesn’t really give any idea on how much oil price hike would impact inflation etc.

I mean there are many questions in Indian economy which needs to be answered but we cannot because of unavailaability of data and expertise on analysing data. With such good economists on the panel having access to all kinds of data, one should get more ideas.

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