Assorted Links

1. Recession fears loom but economic indicators are still veruy much mixed. Econbrowser has a nice analysis

2. Ajay Shah pointsto SEBI’s tasks ahead. He also says things not looking good on fiscal front. He also continues pressing for a rate cut now.

3. WSJ Blog points to a CBO update which revises its GDP estimates for 2008 upwards from 1.7% to 1.9%. Reason: monetary and fiscal policy push. Econbrowser also covers the same

4. Krugman on the macroeconomic problem in US.

5. Mankiw points to a new article which says fiscal stimulus is like giving a drink to an alcoholic. ……Well, so is the recent interest rate cuts. I don’t see how the two are different.

6. EPSA Blog pointsto a new India book by Arvind Panagriya.

7. WSJ Blog points to a new paper on Great Depression. It is amazing how much research is still done on this subject.

8. JRV comparesSEBI and SEC XBRL tools.

9. TTR commentson NISM- SEBI promoted institute on securities markets.

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