Assorted Links

1. Krugman on oil prices. Econbrowser summarises various analyses on rising oil prices

2. WSJ Blog points to food companies feeling the inflation pinch. It also points to France defending Fed moves and financial innovation

3. WSJ Blog points to Paulson saying no bailout like Northern Rock is needed. So far the authorities have said something done the opposite.

4. Mankiw says he and Summers think alike.

5. PSD Blog points to a news on Gemloc a program run by World Bank. What is Gemloc- Global Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond Program. They know how to come up with fancy names.

6. Madhav Mehta on loopholes in taxation in India (the end has a nice quote). He also has a nice thought– a need for an executive summary of  the IPO prospectus in India.

7. Ajay Shah criticises RBI for a different reason this time.

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