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Economics of Indian Premier League

February 22, 2008

Indian Premier League has created a lot of buzz in the media. It is a twenty-20 cricket tournament run by Indian cricket board. The format has been picked up from English Premier League where respective clubs bid for best players and nationality is not an issue.

IPL has many lessons for budding economists. For instance, I have written an article looking at the auction strategies deployed by the authorities and how a better auction design could have lowered the stakes in the game.

Here are a few links where one can get bulk of the information:

Assorted Links

February 22, 2008

1. JRV on the problems with the credit histories.

2. WSJ Blog points IMF can handle $ 100 oil shock. It points another indicator indicating recession.

3. Mankiw points to a new paper from Shleifer

4. TTR has an excellent post on why management research is not read by professionals

5. Econbrowser warns about stagflation. I had written about it sometime ago.

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