Union Budget (2008-09) and Economic Survey (2007-08)

Both highly awaited documents have been released.

The Union Budget is here and Economic Survey is here. I will post my comments later.

PS: This is a blog post number 500. This is a lot of blogging.


We would most likely be reading the budget document to fund out the fiscal deficit for the year, government borrowings, various proposals etc.

However, one must also look through this document as well. It tells you the promises made in last year’s budget and the status of the same. 

3 Responses to “Union Budget (2008-09) and Economic Survey (2007-08)”

  1. Ankit Sharda Says:

    Congratulations on your 500th post…keep up the good work…:-)

  2. HmmBut Says:


    Great blog! No question about it.

  3. Aseem Naphade Says:

    Hello Amol, subject to you having time I want to have a detailed discussion with you on this years budget in the form of posts on your blog. I have various questions, ideas, and views which i want to put before you and there is no doubt that your analysis will ultimately benefit me. Kindly let me know when can we start.

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