Assorted Links

1. A research paper presented in US Monetary Policy Forumis being widely discussed – It estimates Banks losses in subprime around $ 2 trillion!! Trillion!. WSJ Blog summarises the paper.

More summarise of the event are here (Bill Poole’s speech) and here

2. Ajay Shah on Budget 2008-09.

3. EPSA Blog on building political support for development programs 

4. JRV points how vulture funds are buying default mortgages.

5. Prof TTR is a contrarian at most times. He sayswe shouldn’t bother too much about fiscal consolidation and rather relax the FRBM target in order to increase infrastructure spending.

6. Though he shares the same belief as others on actual fiscal numbers.

7. MR pointsto a Ed Glaesar thought. It also pointsto a new paper from Krugman. So, this is what Krugman has been working on. He acknowledges as well.

8. I wish we had such an education program in India.

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