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Interest Rate Future Report

March 4, 2008

RBI has released Interest Rate Future report . This is a very important missing component of India’s Financial Markets. The derivative market in equity segment has been quite active. It is time that we have an active derivatives market in debt segment as well.

The press release informs:

Interest Rate Futures (IRF) were introduced in India in June 2003. In the context of continued financial market developments, the Annual Policy Statement of April 2007 had proposed to set up a Working Group under the aegis of the Technical Advisory Committee on Money, Foreign Exchange and Government Securities Markets. Accordingly, on August 9, 2007, the  Technical Advisory Committee constituted a Working Group on Interest Rate Futures (Chairman: Shri V K Sharma, Executive Director, RBI) to review the experience gained with IRF with particular reference to product design issues and make recommendations for activating the instrument.

Assorted Links

March 4, 2008

1. WSJ Blog points Paulson says Economy to grow, more slowly. What does it mean?

2. WSJ also points to a speech from Philadelphia Fed President, Charles Possner. He says turnaround in mid year.

3. Jeff Frankel points to geopolitical implications if USD looses its numero-uno position in world currency markets. He also has some interesting investment advice- invest in Munis.

4. Rodrik points Kennedy School of Government has been renamed as Harvard Kennedy School.

5. Fin Prof points to the annual treat- letter from Buffet to its shareholders.

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