SEBI further clips mutual fund earnings

I had earlier pointedout that SEBI has waived the entry load for those investors that purchase mutual funds directly from MF company (via their distribution centre or via Internet).

This time SEBI further clips the earnings of MF by reducing the entry load:

…. AMCs shall not charge entry as well as exit load on Bonus units and of units allotted on reinvestment of Dividend.

SEBI has been very active recently and this is a welcome step. I never understood at first place, why entry/exit load was charged on bonus units.

4 Responses to “SEBI further clips mutual fund earnings”

  1. Libertarian Paternalism happening in India and US « Mostly Economics Says:

    […] has been trying to reform this. It first removed entry load from direct applications, then it asked MFs not to charge entry load in case of bonus units. And now this step which does away with direct loads […]

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