IFMR – a great research institute

I was at IFMR yesterday (1 April 2008) and presented a Seminar on Financial Inclusion. It was based on the research I had done on the subject.

I had earlier raised an issue over India’s elite management schools just focused on placement and not on research.

IFMR is not yet an Ivy league but has built up substantial research capabilities. Their research on various aspects of financial inclusion, micro-finance is simply amazing. I hope they use media more often to showcase their research findings. They have a tie up with MIT’s Poverty Action Lab (one of the best things to have happened to economics) and have a great number of researchers coming and discussing their work.

It has become a fantastic hub and unlike the other business schools, has focused on research and has done exceptionally well. It should give a run for money to the other business schools in future in terms of popularity. In terms of research very few in the country would be able to match it.

Great going IFMR! Keep it up.

3 Responses to “IFMR – a great research institute”

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