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Statecraft is the new buzzword

April 9, 2008

I read this speech (This is an alternative link for the speech as World Bank link not really working) from Robert Zoellick which is being discussed widely across media and blogs.

In this speech Zoellick talks about a New Deal for rising food prices and involving Sovereign Wealth Funds for developing Africa. (He raises two more issues of reviving Doha round and helping resource rich countries. )

I really don’t understand this. Food prices have bneen rising all along and a crisis was just about to happen. That policymakers have waited tillt he crisis actually occured is disturbing. And suddenly all SWF money has become good and can be used for development.

Read the interesting speech as you might get to hear the new buzzword- statecraft – which Zoellick uses to address the problems


Assorted Links

April 9, 2008

1. Rodrik points to a fantastic similarity between Korean crisis in 1997 and subprime crisis

2. WSJ BLog on what more Fed can do

3. WSJ Blog points to Volcker speech criticising Fed and financial markets. It also points latest FOMC minutes shows recession is on.

4. Ajay Shah points to an article on currency futures. He also points to two articles from Ila Patnaik- one on investments in states and two on capital controls 

5. ID Blog on Self Help Groups and points to a poverty map

6. Krugman has been pointing articles on rising food prices. Here is another one

7. IE Blog on rising food prices

8. Mankiw’s blog provides some relief after disappointing news everywhere. He points to a shoe company that makes shoes for the two powerful economic schools. He also gets a nice invitation to a party.

9. Fin Prof on what makes Buffet successful

10. Simon Johnson on importance of exports in growth and development, An interesting post on starbucks index

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