Abhijit Sen Committee on Commodity Future Trading

Apart from a season of crisis (which are getting complex by the day) and Mangoes (which  are extremely expensive to eat), It is also a season for committee reports (which are really difficult to read given the time) – Rajan committee on financial sector, Radhakrishnan report on indebtedness, Services Sector, Interest Rate Futures, Currency Futures etc

There has been much discussion and expectations over Expert Committee on Commodity Futures Trading headed by Abhijit Sen of Planning Commission. The main topic of debate has been – whether futures trading has led to rise in commodity prices?

The report is out and as usual I had to waste a lot of time trying to find whether it has been put on a website or not. I couldn’t find it on any of the government website but found the report on Mint’s website. The report can be downloaded here. The press release of the report is here .

The summary is there is no conclusion amidst the members on whether there has been some impact on commodity prices.

There is a lot of coverage of the report. You can see the news items here

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