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North, Rodrk, Acemoglu and Fujiyama on Governance

May 9, 2008

Rodrik pointed to this discussion in his post sometime back.

The 4 authors discuss about governance and its role in growth. It is a treat to read any of these three names -North, Acemoglu and Rodrik ( I haven’t read Fujiyama before). And to read their views at one place is simply wonderful.

A must read.

Assorted Links

May 9, 2008

1. WSJ Blog points though retail sales increased in April, the fears of slowing down remain

2. NEB points to some papers on migration. In particular check this paper whether rural-urban migration has worked in China

3. Nudges asks is it useful to have your inflation rate?

4. Rodrik points to growth diagnostics is South Africa

5. Fin Rounds points to a new website on derivatives

6. Ajay Shah points how markets work for tender coconuts

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