Definition of infrastructure

I had sometime back read an article by Vinayak Chatterjee of Feedback Ventures where he said let us define infrastructure first, before we build it.  

I came across this document in Committee on Infrastructure’s website which attempts to do the same.

It first summarises definition of infrastructure from six different sources and then concludes what all is to be included:

(i) Electricity (including generation, transmission and distribution) and R&M of power stations,
(ii) Non-Conventional Energy (including wind energy and solar energy),
(iii) Water supply and sanitation (including solid waste management, drainage and sewerage) and street lighting,
(iv) Telecommunications,
(v) Road & bridges,
(vi) Ports,
(vii) Inland waterways,
(viii) Airports,
(ix) Railways (including rolling stock and mass transit system),
(x) Irrigation (including watershed development),
(xi) Storage,
(xii) Oil and gas pipeline networks.

 And what all it does not include which other sources include (from the table on last page):

  1. Housing
  2. Urban services; as street lighting, Solid Waste Management (SWM)
  3. Mining
  4. Aircrafts
  5. Vehicles, trucks, buses etc.(Road Transport System)
  6. Industrial Park/SEZ
  7. Educational Institutions
  8. Hospitals
  9. Posts

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