ICRIER report on retail

The much-discussed (awaited) report is here. It is a very long report (250 pages) and would require a lot of reading to do.

2 Responses to “ICRIER report on retail”

  1. Raju G Says:

    This report’s no support for inefficiency is well documented. In the report, it has been highlighted that the farmer will be benefited by the organized retailing. I request govt. authorities to bring reforms in food sourcing policies and promote contract farming. In my opinion, Govt should focus on farming reforms so that farmer will be benefited from this retail boom in India and final consumer also be benefited. Only proper incentives to farmers will assure the food security in the country. Govt. should liberate agriculture instead of controlling and in long run, free trade in agriculture will benefit majority poor population (Farmer) of this country by realizing their true market prices.

    This is golden opportunity to Govt. to identify the bottlenecks and improve Supply chains and this indirectly improves living standards of around 100 million farming families across the country.

    This report highlights the Supply Chain Management (SCM) importance in modern retailing and our consumers can be benefited by efficiencies in supply chains.

  2. Mikyong Son Says:

    Can I get “ICRIER report on Retail’?

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