Future of India is in jobs

Somebody asked me which of these papers is closest to you? After some thinking, I said the one on employment issues in India. Though, it hasn’t got me any comments (like the one on financial inclusion, impossible trinity etc) but this issue to me is one of the most important issue in India.

This issue nearly sums up what ails India as of now and the challenging path ahead for India. If the employment statistics are right then the trend of falling quality of employment is worrisome. Earlier the problem was of “growth without employment”. Now it is “growth without any quality employment”. Both ways, it implies, much of growth is shared by lesser number of people.

Similar thoughts were expressed by Dr Rangarajan in his paper. I also came across this paper in Fed’s International Finance Discussion Paper Series by Geoffrey N. Keim and Beth Anne Wilson which echoes very similar thoughts as well:

Projections of sustained strong growth in India depend importantly on the utilization of the huge increase in India’s working-age population projected over the next two decades. To date, however, India’s economic growth has been concentrated in high-skill and capital-intensive sectors, and has not generated strong employment growth. In this paper, we highlight the tension between India’s performance in output and employment, describe the characteristics of India’s demographic dividend, and discuss impediments to India’s shift away from agriculture.

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