Assorted Links

1. WSJ Blog points markets don’ expect Fed to increase rates.  

2. Cowen (of MR) asks which was the best paper in 1958 – My vote also goes to Modigliani-Miller paper. He also points NZ economy is declining

3. Krugman points how airlines are cutting costs amidst rising oil prices

4. Mankiw points to a new Bernanke speech on healthcare. I was surprised too seeing the topic

5. NB points firefox using nudges

6. Rodrik points indutrial policy might comeback in US

7. Fin Prof points to an interesting article- Are you a stock or Bond?

8. IDB points to a bleak India picture

9. Deux Blog on banking losses in Euroarea. It is really complex to understand all this.

10. DB Blog points Romania using e-procurement to reduce corruption.

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